What drug is most abused by teens?

There seems to be a decline in drug abuse. Substance abuse is common among the teens. The problem is not only affecting teenagers in the United States but also in other parts of the world. Alcohol and drug abuse is common in adolescents. It is due to the influence that teenagers get from their peers. They mostly want to belong. The alcohol abuse has a lot of consequences. Majority of the teens take the substance because they want to experiment. Most of the consequences are not easy to treat. Marijuana is the number one drug that is abused by teenagers.

According to the Huffington post, there are about 6.5% of the teenagers using marijuana. The number of teenagers use the drug on a regular basis. Given that the drug was legalized, it led to an increase in the abuse of the drug. Additionally, the treatment is readily available and the drug is also more accessible than ever. It is for this reason that the usage of the drug has become so popular. Over the years, there has been an increase in the number of marijuana abuse. The drug is believe to repair short term memory and improve learning.

Additionally, it increases an individual's focus. Marijuana also increases the heart rate. However, it can bring harm to the lungs.it means that the vulnerability rate is increased. Those who begin to use marijuana in their teens are more likely to become addicted to the drug. The use of marijuana is associate with low IQ later in adulthood. The ingredient used in marijuana is the chemical THC. The chemical remains in the body for month or even years. Apart from that it can cause damage to the immune system. Heavy marijuana users are most likely to suffer from brain damage.

Not only can marijuana can make a person feel high but it has the ability to make one feel paranoid, and depressed. Using even a small amount of marijuana has the ability of causing infertility in both men and women. Furthermore, smoking marijuana can lead to taking substances that can lead to cancer. Synthetic marijuana which is commonly known as plant food is also fast gaining popularity. Synthetic marijuana is dangerous more than the real marijuana. It can even lead to death. Marijuana is abused because it can be accessed without any problems. Marijuana was legalized because of its medicinal use but most teenagers now abuse the drug simply because can get it easily. One out of six teenagers are addicted to marijuana.

Marijuana is known to treat certain medical conditions. However, there was not enough trials to say that the benefits of using marijuana are more than its risks. The food and drugs act have to conduct research to ensure that there are more benefits of using marijuana. In order for marijuana to be considered as a legitimate medicine it must have measurable ingredients. The consistency will enable doctors to easily determine the particular dosage to give patients. Given that marijuana has different chemical compounds, it becomes hard to evaluate as a medicine. Furthermore, the chemical compounds have different kinds of effects.

As such, using it as a medicine should be done after careful consideration. There are many drugs that are abused by teenagers. In case you suspect that your teenagers abusing drugs, you can get help from qualified counselors. The THC based drug ca be used to treat nausea and pain. This is the only one of the uses that the drug has been approved by the FDA to treat. Therefore, there can be many uses of marijuana but that does not mean that teenagers should use it in any way they like.